Steve Spartz


Executive Realty

3800 American Blvd #1500 Bloomington, MN 55431

Executive Realty is excited to welcome Steve to our team! Even though Steve is just starting out in the real estate industry, he has shown great knowledge when it comes to the business (some might say its because of his wife, Molly). Steve uses his strong work ethic to connect and provide the best experiences to our clients. He is always looking for new challenges! He knows that this new career will always push him to give his best. Steve and Molly bring the spark into Executive Realty, working as a team to provide you with the best real estate services you could ask for!

In his free time, Steve enjoys going golfing, spending quality time with his family and riding his motorcycle. He enjoys springtime in Minnesota the most- all the beautiful colors outside, the sun starting to make its waves, and (of course) he gets to ride his motorcycle for the first time after the long, cold winter!

Steve also firmly believes that pineapple goes on nothing, and while some might agree, most would think that his tastebuds are broken, so we would like to invite him to a Hawaiian Pizza night (and everyone else who agrees with Steve’s outrageous claim).